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HUMM's Curated Events

We are visionaries who have an unquenchable thirst for learning and finding the next great topic. At HUMM Creative we not only plan, but curate our own events based on the discussions we are having 'out in the field.' As fortunate recipients of a wide array of experts and thought leaders, we take our conversations to the next level by re-engaging and carefully selecting terrific event ideas to play with. We take events to the next level because the content is always fresh and based on real discussions solving real problems.

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We would love to assist you
with curating your own event by helping with the following services + more:

  • event visualization --> execution

  • event branding

  • content development

  • event design, planning & production

  • participation & recruitment (speakers, sponsors, attendees, etc)

  • graphic design & development

  • advising on business development, event strategy & networking

Tuna Tataki

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